This small story will tell you why you should believe and have faith whenever you pray.


Several years ago, a small farming community was experiencing a terrible drought.

The leaders of the community called a prayer meeting in hope of everyone attending and holding a group prayer for rain.

One man was in attendance with his small son. As everyone was praying, the small boy reached up and tugged his father’s shirt to ask, “Daddy, what is everyone doing?”

The man explained that everyone was praying for rain and then went back to his prayer.

The boy looked around for a few more minutes and was puzzled.

He tugged again on his dad’s shirt and asked, “Daddy, if everyone is here to pray for rain, why didn’t anyone bring an umbrella?”

Think about it…

Now imagine you were going skydiving for the first time. Your heart would be racing as the instructor gives you final instructions before you jump from the plane.

You then ask a very-very important question to the instructor, “Are you sure this parachute will work?”

Now, which answer would you prefer your instructor to give: “I believe it will work.” or “I know it will work.”

So whenever you pray you must have faith that it will work. 

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