Men strongly underestimate just how hard it can be for women to learn to put on their own makeup. Even a simple thing like eyeliner can be pretty hard to get right, which makes what this artist can do even more incredible.

You’ve probably heard the expression “having an eye for art.” Well, photographer, illustrator, and make-up artist Tal Peleg takes it to another level entirely with this mind-blowing project that combines all of her passions into one, using her own eyes as the canvas for her art.

1. “Cat and Dog”

Eye Makeup2. “Salvador Dali”

Eye Makeup3. “Emoji Eye”

Eye Makeup4. “Yin and Yang”

Eye Makeup5. “Cat Playing With Yarn”

Eye Makeup6. “Dragon”

Eye Makeup7. “The Sound of Music”

Eye Makeup8. “The Little Mermaid”

Eye Makeup9. “Peacock”

Eye Makeup10. “The Little Prince”

Eye Makeup11. “Sugar Rush”

Eye Makeup12. “Fruity Eye”

Eye Makeup13. “Anti-Bullying (The Power of Words)”

Eye Makeup14. “Frozen (Pt. 1)”

Eye Makeup15. “Frozen (Pt. 2)”

Eye Makeup16. “Ginger Cat”

Eye Makeup17. “Penguins”

Eye Makeup18. “Rapunzel”

Eye Makeup19. “Girl With The Moon”

Eye Makeup20. “Depression”

Eye Makeup21. “Childhood Fears”

Eye Makeup22. “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”

Eye Makeup23. “Hello!”

Eye MakeupIt’s one thing to do this on another person’s face, but Tal Peleg created these masterpieces on her own face, backwards using a mirror. Some people really do get all the talent.

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