Textile-based installation artist and educator Elisabeth Buecher has invented a clever way to conserve water. Titled “My Shower is a Green Warrior,” Buecher’s shower curtain turns spiky after four minutes of bathing, “taking over the space and discouraging long water-wasting showers.”

“These spiky shower curtain are not really for marketing but aim at provoking a debate around water issues,” Buecher told Mochi. “If you don’t want to get trapped you have to get out before it does and stop damaging the environment.”

The curtains fill with air, and the project is only a concept. They were displayed at the 2009 Milan Furniture Fair.

You can shower normally for 4 minutes


But don’t idle…


Because after four minutes the spikes suddenly inflate!


You’re forced out of the shower

Spiky Shower Curtain

Water is saved and mother nature is happy!


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