While the most of people throw away used tea bags, Ruby Silvious, a visual artist and graphic designer have other things on her mind. Early this year, she started a visual diary, 363 Days of Tea, to pushing her creative practice, share it on social media hoping to spark a different kind of inspiration.

art_on_used_tea_bags_001 art_on_used_tea_bags_002 art_on_used_tea_bags_003 art_on_used_tea_bags_004 art_on_used_tea_bags_005 art_on_used_tea_bags_006 art_on_used_tea_bags_007 art_on_used_tea_bags_008 art_on_used_tea_bags_009 art_on_used_tea_bags_010 art_on_used_tea_bags_011 art_on_used_tea_bags_012 art_on_used_tea_bags_013 art_on_used_tea_bags_014 art_on_used_tea_bags_015 art_on_used_tea_bags_016 art_on_used_tea_bags_017 art_on_used_tea_bags_018 art_on_used_tea_bags_019 art_on_used_tea_bags_020 art_on_used_tea_bags_021 art_on_used_tea_bags_022 art_on_used_tea_bags_023 art_on_used_tea_bags_024 art_on_used_tea_bags_025

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