Paul Smith, who died in 2007 was suffering from cerebral palsy. No one believed that he would survive long enough to learn anything as a child.

It took 16 years until he could speak and just as long all over until he could finally walk.

He spent the majority of his life in a nursing home. No one could have ever thought that he, an illiterate, would create wonders with a typewriter. These wonders the like of which, no one else has ever created.

Check out this video report on him, it was made when he was still alive — it’s not just fascinating, it’s so touching as well:

It is impossible to imagine how much ingenuity lies behind these works. I mean, Painting like Mona Lisa using just 10 characters!? Brilliant.

Share this story, this is a great art… Everyone needs to watch this he was truly gifted.

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