The biggest cause for your unhappiness is because you are usually settling for less than you feel you deserve. You know that you are capable to achieve more, but your dreams and hopes seem impossible to achieve and you feel like the future is not so bright.


You are stubborn and down to earth. Even though you don’t want too much in life, your strong opinions make it hard for you to be challenged. Your unhappiness comes from the fact that you are not able to control everything and you have to compromise.


You spend a lot of time trying to please others because you think their opinion is very important to you. You try too hard to make others like you and to look good to them. However, this has made you forget how you look on yourself and you are not sure who you really are anymore.


You are compassionate, kind and one of the most generous souls. You don’t just observe the stress of other people, you also feel it and want to make them feel better. Even though this is a positive trait, it can sometimes make you forget about your own needs and feelings.


Your unhappiness comes from being unable to let go of the past. The toxic people and the negative experiences from the past are holding you back and not letting you be happy.


You are unhappy because you are not able to express yourself. You bury your emotions, both positive and negative, and they build up too much preventing you to feel genuine happiness.

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Being worried about how people perceived you on your first meeting can keep you up at night thus affecting your happiness. You can’t please everyone, just let go of it and enjoy your life.


You value the opinion of others too much and you make your own decisions based on the way how others might feel about them.


You can’t feel happiness because you feel that you were made for bigger things than the ones you currently have. This and also the feeling that you have not reached your full potential can seriously affect your happiness.


You have too many ideas and possibilities ahead of you making you indecisive and stressed. You are not able to take action because of the many options which can cause you to feel unhappy.


Your unhappiness is caused by the people you work for which are making you feel inferior to them. You think that nobody cares about your capabilities and intelligence and they are indifferent to everything you do or say.


You don’t appreciate the good things that are currently happening to you because you are preoccupied by what might happen. Your dreams might be too ambitious, and you should focus on reality more in order to be able to find happiness.

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