Stones may not seem like your ordinary canvas for painting. But artist Akie Nakata says that the stones she finds on the river bed catch her eye. For Akie, there is more to her art than simply painting on the stone. “In order to bring out the living being that I feel in the stone to surface, I proceed very carefully,” she said.

“I consider step by step, for example, whether I am positioning the backbone in the right place. Does it feel right? Am I forcing something that disagrees with the natural shape of the stone?” In fact, painting the stone is a slow process. “I tread carefully. I put my paintbrush to the stone when I truly feel that it is the right brushstroke. In this sense, my painting is a dialogue with the stone. It is the stone that determines what I paint on it, not me.” This is certainly projected in her art. Take a look:

1. Owl chick

2. Hippo

3. Smiley sea lion

4. Happy owls

5. American badger

6. Snake

7. Hedgehog

8. Cat

9. Raccoon

10. Python

11. Octopus

12. Common rain frog

13. Beaver

14. Snow leopard

15. Koala

16. White cat

17. Jackrabbit

18. Iguana

19. Prairie Dog

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