Photographer Andrei Duman loves to travel and had visited more than 70 countries, for which he was awarded the title of Ambassador Ray Singh. Particular attention while traveling Duman pays aerial photography, and his work has always hit a fresh look at the surrounding reality. enjoy some of his best and stunning aerial photography collection.

He was born in Romania, raised and educated in England and lived for several years in New York before landing in LA. His passion for photography has taken him to destinations around the world (70 countries, so far), including some of the world’s most visually stunning and remote locations.

Aerial photography by Andrei Duman


1. California

Iceland2. Iceland.

Bora Bora3. Bora Bora

Iceland4. Iceland

Santa Monica, California5. Santa Monica, California

Aerial Andrew thinks6. Aerial Andrew thinks.

California7. California

Soussusvley, Namibia8. Soussusvley, Namibia

California9. California

California10. California

Iceland11. Iceland

Bora Bora12. Bora Bora

Rice Terraces in Vietnam. Visible rice crops.13. Rice Terraces in Vietnam. Visible rice crops.

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