We all have fantasies when we were kids. The desire, the goal and the dream of becoming the one that as a kid you really admire is something that rarely turns into reality. This Mumbai-based student Deeksha Rathore has come up with an idea to compare what people are actually doing in their life and what they used to dream of becoming when they were kids. And she does this comparison through these amazing series of photographs. She gave the name “Dreamcatcher” to this project. These are all thought-provoking images.

#1 The House Help Vs. The Bharatanatyam Dancer

#2 The Mithai Maker Vs. The Fashion Designer

#3 The Air Hostess Vs. The Dj

#4 The Jeweller Vs. The Air Hostess

#5 The Mochi Vs. The Policeman

#6 The Bartender Vs. The Corporate Employee

#7 The Doctor Vs. The Cricketer

#8 The Paan Seller Vs. The Security Guard

#9 The Salesman Vs. The Professional Carrom Player

#10 The Juice Wala Vs. The Army Officer

#11 The Rickshaw Driver Vs. The Artist

#12 The Vegetable Seller Vs. The Cook

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