There are several things we unconsciously do which show a lot about our way of thinking, our confidence levels, and our personality in general. Our body language reveals more than we might want to say and the way we sit tells a lot about who we are.

Before you read further, figure out which one of these positions do you usually sit in.

What Does Your Sitting Position Show About Your Personality?

Position A

If you sit in this position, you are usually those who go with the flow. You aren’t the one to be concerned with a lot of planning, and you do not worry a lot about the future. You are quirky, spontaneous, and are funny by nature. You live their lives your way and are not concerned about what others might say about you.

However, you also take things more casually than you should. Your imagination is quite vivid, and you find yourself creating a world of your own. You live in your own world and wait for things to take care of yourself. A bit childish, you are one of the most friendly and cheerful people one could have in their life.

Position B

If you sit in this position, it means you usually have the best ideas. You mostly keep to yourself as you do not trust a lot of people with your thoughts. Also, this cross-legged position means that it takes a lot for other people to earn your trust and you do not give in to temptations easily.

You can be a treat to talk to, however. You are the best conversationalists, and you can have genuinely deep talks without others even realizing. You are the one who would try to understand other people and would be the last one to judge. You are a rare gem.

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Position C

Sitting like this means that you are extremely confident and understand yourself quite well. You know your strengths and your weaknesses, and you also know how to use them. You are extroverts and love being surrounded by your friends and families. You love the spotlight, and you know you have what it takes to be the center of attention.

You are usually the life of the party, and you are the ones who love initiating. You are also internally driven and find joy and confidence in the work you do. You might seem a bit proud and arrogant at times, but deep inside, you are one of the sweetest people someone can come across.

Position D

This position reveals that you’re a kind, gentle, honest, and brutally straightforward person. You do not keep things in your hearts and what you think is what you speak. You can be considered a gentle soul with neither malice nor ill-will in your hearts.

You are also the first help others if they just call you. You do not hesitate in helping and you are unconditional in your love. Your love, however, might be taken for granted by others and that is the one thing you face continuously. The fact that you remain upbeat and loving even if someone betrays you does say a lot about the strength you carry within.

Position E

This position shows that you are passionate by your very nature. You are driven, ambitious, and extremely well organized in your thoughts. You tend towards being a perfectionist and are very particular about the small details. You might be patient but trying your patience is something others should avoid.

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The slanted way in which you put your legs also shows that you are good at keeping secrets. You are good listeners and are very good at taking hints. You are highly capable of reading others, but you do not reveal more than you wish to. It is your secretive and commanding personality that makes you so attractive and a mystery indeed.

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