In a world crowded of people and all sorts of behaviors judgment come quite easily to us! And sometime they reach such harsh levels that bringing down others is just a habit now. But what happens when you are standing in a line where people behind you are continuously judging and making interpretations of a lady standing right in front of you? Lindsay Rae had a real life account of the story through her facebook post and is an eye opener for many!

Lindsay Rae was standing in a line in supermarket after having an exhaustive day. Being a mother of nine she knows how strenuous it gets. But while she was standing in line she noticed a woman standing right in front of her with 5 kids and a lot of stuff to handle. She wasn’t quite able to make the billing properly. While the lady was struggling with her payment, the people behind Lindsay were judging the woman on the number of kids she had and the fact that there were 2 blondes and other blacks.

Image © Flickr / Casey Hugelfink

Passing comments like the woman must be having a ‘dozen baby daddies’ and how does she handle etc. pissed Lindsay off. Lindsay politely went on to help the woman with her card and payment which made her know that in fact these kids were adopted by her and she was a foster mother new at the system. After helping the lady Lindsay turned to the people standing in the queue to answer the judgmental heads that it is what is inside that matters and to think before quoting people with labels. Her facebook posts gives an account of what happened at the store and makes people realize that kind hearts may look odd to you but they stand out with their deeds. Read the post and respect foster mothers for they spread love.

WARNING; Insensitive people at the Walmart rant ahead.
Last night I found myself sandwiched in line waiting to check…

Posted by Lindsay Rae on Tuesday, 5 November 2013

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