If you’re reading this article, I guess you’re also like me who love finding items that can do double duty around the house. Why keep using five different products when you can just use one? You end up saving money and reducing waste too. Besides, your cabinet will thank you.

Vicks VapoRub (or any other store brand, because it’s the same thing) is one of those useful products that can solve many more problems than you think. It’s a great for rubbing on your chest when you have a cold, but it’s actually really a versatile product. The only thing you don’t want to use it for is children under two year old, as it can cause health issues.

Other than that, you’re all clear. Learn some of these awesome tricks today! And don’t forget to SHARE with friends and family if you find them useful.

1. Soothe aching muscles.

Similar to muscle rubs, Vicks gives you a cooling sensation that feels like heaven for sore muscles. Rub it on the affected area and place a warm, dry towel over it.


2. Speed up bruise healing.

Mix VapoRub with some salt and rub over a bruise (as long as the skin isn’t broken). It’ll encourage blood flow and make the bruise heal faster than normal.


3. Relieve from itchy bug bites.

Dab some on bug bites to take down the inflammation and cool the area.


4. Soothe a sinus headache.

Rub some Vicks VapoRub on your temples and underneath your nose to help relieve the pain of a sinus headache.

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5. Reduce acne.

Apply Vicks VapoRub to the spots at night and wash it off in the morning. The camphor and eucalyptus oil will help to clear up breakouts.


6. Clear up nail fungus.

Put Vicks VapoRub on the affected area twice a day and cover with a bandage. Keep trimming the nail as it grows until the fungus is completely gone!


7. Treat cracked heels.

Smooth Vicks over your dry, cracked heels at night and be sure to cover them up with socks! In the morning, wash them off and remove the softened skin with a pumice stone.


8. Ease an ear ache.

Put some VapoRub on a cotton ball and place it in your ear for a few hours, several times a day. This will help with the pain of a mild earache, but won’t clear up any infection.


9. Stop a cat from scratching.

Dab some Vicks on furniture or cords that you want them to stay away from your cat. cat will be deterred by the strong scent and your belongings will be safe and secure.


10. Or potty-train pets!

If your dog has an accident on the floor, clean it up and put some Vicks down in that area to discourage them from going there again.


11. And obviously use it for coughs and colds.

The most classic method is to rub it on your chest, but some people find that applying it to the feet and wearing socks overnight gives the best results!


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