This Lake Named Nakuru, located in the middle of Kenya, is the location for one of the most extravagant (and pink) phenomenon in the world. The lake Nakuru, contains a huge amount of algae and crab, and those attract enormous crowds of pink Flamingos – so many that you can’t even tell whether there’s land or water under them. It’s all… pink!


The lake is shallow and the number of these pink flamingos depends on the amount of food and water it it contains.


Not only these pink flamingos visit this lake, but also other birds, baboons, warthogs and other big mammals. However, for visitors, the massive amount of pink flamingos remains to be the main attraction.

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Watch a video of the beautiful Nakuru Lake and its pink flamingos:

the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_010 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_011 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_012 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_013 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_014 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_015 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_016 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_017 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_018 the_pink_flamingo_lake_nakuru_019

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