While we all admit that pregnancy comes with amazing perks and it’s share of grueling struggles, who would have thought that one could actually laugh at it?

Swollen feet, swollen hands, long stares, hairy days and judgemental eyes… everything that has ever been a part of your weird prego days can turn into fun memories if you have the talent for it.

Line Severinsen, an illustrator animator and mother of two in Bergen, has a funny series of simple webcomics that share some of the challenges and everyday realities of being an expectant mom.

Severensen writes, “I thought to myself that there is no way that no other people felt and looked like I did. So I wanted to create a counterpoint to help people like me to understand that they weren’t alone and that it is OK to feel and act less than perfect sometimes.”

Scroll down to share the laughter!

#1 You can’t even bend anymore.

#2 Admit That You Are Watching Birth Programs All Day And Sobbing

#3 Because it has the potential to burst anytime…

#4 Everyone thinks you are so pregnant (even after you have just given birth).

#5 Taking selfies just after giving birth be like…

#6 Every man’s worst fears…

#7 Can’t See Below The Belly

#8 It is a miracle no doubt.

#9 It’s irritating when everyone suddenly wants to touch your bump.

#10 It’s a journey to supermom.

#11 And the big confusion.


#13 Stretch marks? Embrace it.

#14 And forget about wearing shoes for a couple of months.

#15 Beachbody Can Wait!

#16 Expecting A Kickboxer

#17 Your poor husband has to do everything (finally).

#18 And no one gets your helpless bathroom emergencies.

#19 You’ll struggle with sleep no matter how comfy the bed is…

#20 People become really obnoxious when curious.

#21 But motherhood is beautiful in the end.

#22 They Say You Shouldn’t Eat For Two…

#23 Comparing (normal) bump and baby bump be like…

#24 It is midnight and you suddenly realize that you are a cow (jk).

#25 Fears About Giving Birth: Water Breaking In Public

#26 Protecting the baby becomes no. 1 priority (as it should be).

#27 And everyone naturally hates you because you have a baby (who will eat anything).

#28 Shoplifting baby stuff!

#29 Baby’s first day at school becomes plain miserable.


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