It is when you lose something that you realize how wonderfully you are surrounded with love. And so happened with a mathematics teacher in Joshua High School in Texas.

Mrs Andrews the maths teacher at the Joshua High School in Texas had been lost her kitten of 16 years and had been heartbroken by it. It was just the usual day in the class when Mrs Andrews suddenly started crying and told the students that her 16 year old kitten had died. The sadness had made the students feel sad and heartbroken too. And thus the students planned on giving the happiness and smile back to their beloved teacher.

Having searched online the school student’s mother has found two beautiful kittens which had been in need of a shelter or a home. The students decided that they will gift the kittens to their beloved maths teacher. It was when Mrs Andrews was sitting on her own that the students decided to shower all the love on her. Before entering the room the students had been nervous and anxious if the teacher would like the gesture or not. And so it had all been a little tough for them.

As soon as the students greeted the teacher with flower bunch, Mrs Andrews smiles with happiness and also went teary eyed. They wondered how she will react when she sees the kittens. And as soon as Mrs Andrews was gifted the two kittens the expression was incomparable and beyond words. They have captured the reaction of their teacher in a video to remember how marvelous she had felt that very moment. The video was shared on twitter and went viral too.

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Mrs Andrews started crying of the love and happiness she had been surrounded with and everyone in the classroom went teary eyed. Mrs Andrews has named the kittens Girlie and Missy and is now happy.

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