Distances create stories and when you get to finally meet that person for real the stories even get deeper and connecting. Sgt Brandon Prelesnik had not really spent any time with his sister. Being working for the marines he had stayed away from the family for 4 years now and the last time he did see his sister was when she was still in the car. And so this reunion had been a much anticipated and awaited one.

Cheyanna knew that her brother would be home before the last day of her school and so she had wrote a letter to his brother asking him to surprise her to school on that day when he returns. On the last day of her class, Brandon did dress up like it was another of his day of duty at the marines and showed up at Cheyanna’s classroom like it was planned. He walked up to his sister and sat right near her to make her realize the moment. Cheyanna on seeing her could not believe her eyes and immediately went teary eyed. Her expressions are so soulful and excited that we cannot help but stay numb. She cries and hugs her brother for long. And then checks her brother again and again hugs and cries. The melt down brought the classroom to silence and a person thinking of the bond that was long being missed was finally here.

The little girl Cheyanna is finally happy to have some time to live with her brother as the two will be able to spend a lot of days in house doing the usual chores, enjoying the tiny things of life and even going to the farmer’s market for buying things.

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Makes us realize that siblings bond are so very much important and that seeing your dear ones matter so much in this internet era.

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