Recording the activities of dogs and pets in the house on a camera is a usual habit with all of us. But what this man did record is a special and strange video which proves that his dog has started to practice ‘meowing’ just for seeking attention.

If you need someone to wake you up in the morning it is sure that dogs can be the perfect help as not only do they wake you up at odd times but if it is about matching the alarm clock they do a better job. When this man was sleeping the dog had a habit of acting weirdly in the hours of the alarm clock i.e. from 5 to 5:30 a.m. in the morning which is supposed to be the time for the man to get up. So the man put up a camera with night mode on to capture what his pet does early in the morning to gather attention.

In the video it is evident that much before the alarm clock strikes the dog comes near the bed and starts to ‘meow’ which proves that the dog has lived his fair share of life around cats. The man dismisses him saying he would sleep another 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes are over the dog again comes near the bed to wake him up to which he is again dismissed.

The third time too the dog walks to his dad and tries to wake him up by ‘meowing’ which again amazes the man and he agrees to getting up and calls up him to come up. The dog immediately climbs the bed for joining him.

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This behavior of dog says that he knows when his dad gets up and that he has lived too much with cats and has now learned how to ‘meow’. Hilarious and strange!

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