Christopher Cline likes to go on adventures with his cute dog Juji. He also likes to spend his free time making Juji looks like a giant in Photoshop, the results are hilarious to watch.

giant_dog_juji_001 giant_dog_juji_002 giant_dog_juji_003 giant_dog_juji_004 giant_dog_juji_005 giant_dog_juji_006 giant_dog_juji_007 giant_dog_juji_008 giant_dog_juji_009 giant_dog_juji_010 giant_dog_juji_011 giant_dog_juji_012 giant_dog_juji_013 giant_dog_juji_014 giant_dog_juji_015 giant_dog_juji_016 giant_dog_juji_017 giant_dog_juji_018 giant_dog_juji_019 giant_dog_juji_020 giant_dog_juji_021 giant_dog_juji_022 giant_dog_juji_023 giant_dog_juji_024 giant_dog_juji_025 giant_dog_juji_026 giant_dog_juji_028 giant_dog_juji_029 giant_dog_juji_030 giant_dog_juji_032 giant_dog_juji_034 giant_dog_juji_035 giant_dog_juji_036 giant_dog_juji_037 giant_dog_juji_038 giant_dog_juji_040 giant_dog_juji_043 giant_dog_juji_044

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