Though every joke is hilarious but if the jokes are little dirty, then it doubles the fun. Especially, when kids innocently create the dirty jokes without any intention and even knowing what they are doing. Dirty spelling mistakes to innocent drawings that look dirty, kids never stop making us laugh. In this post, we have compiled some incidents where kids are doing dirty things unintentionally. This is quite hilarious watching these cute kids doing things that are inappropriate for kids.

Best Accidental Photobomb Ever 

At Disney, Daughter Said “Mom Take A Picture Of Me Giving Rafiki A Kiss” 

Cum In Her It Is Fun

Found My Son Sitting Like This Today 

My Nephew Made An “Egg Tower” To Take To School For Easter

My Little Brother Wanted To Be A Dinosaur For Halloween. I Think He’s Doing It Right


My 8 Week Old Son Always Stares At My Boobs After I Get Out Of The Shower. This Was His Expression This Morning 

So My Daughter Made Pancakes And Experienced A Stray Splatter 

My Girlfriends 6 Year Old Son Started Screaming “I Found The Golden Ticket!” Repeatedly As He Ran Up To Her Holding This 

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