It was a cold winter night when Jenine Lacette DShazer saw a man sitting with his dog in his arms. Jenine could not help herself from approaching him.

As she asked the stranger of what he was doing in this cold, Clifford James Herbert , the stranger introduced her to his sweet dog named baby and told her about his heartbreaking story.

Cliff had been working on a farm and also owned a mechanic shop. After having affected with cancer and surgery on his heart and throat, Cliff had been left incapable to work and so had lost his job too in the year 2006. He has cancer and is now surviving through the treatments with only weeks to live in his hands. Cliff had managed to rescue this little dog named Baby from a very cruel owner who had beats the dog with a flashlight. Today they are together sleeping on the streets and keeping each other warm.

As a dying wish Cliff asked Jenine to find Baby a suitable home as he would leave the world soon. Jenine could not deny the wish and knew she had to help and so she created the GoFundMe page to raise funds and get both of them a shelter. After snapping a few pictures of the two, she uploaded it on the page informing about their life and how they needed help.

The Baby dog has been found a new home and now is happily living with his new family. Cliff has been made to stay in a motel and lives comfortably there with safety from the cold weather. The two have been quite happy with the gesture.

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Kindness travels way beyond one can think of and we truly believe and feel the happiness Jenine must have experienced after having helped these two! Watch the video to know the story more.

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