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Getting a tattoo is a sort of daring act. After all, you are inscribing something on your body that will remain there forever. Plus, it also includes the risk of ending up with something that you don’t want it on your body in case your fashion taste get changed. Laser removal is pretty costly and there is really no going back.

However, temporary options are obviously available. And one of those options is getting viral these days, but it is not a usual tattoo. It is “hair tattoos.” Yes, this trend is taking over the nation by giving your hair new patterns and color.

Over the years, tattoos have become increasingly popular. Whether it be a small design or a full sleeve, people seem to love them. Now, a new tattoo trend is starting to take off—and it concerns a part of your body that will definitely surprise you.

They’re called hair tattoos, and they’re quickly growing in popularity. At first, they might look unusual, but the patterns and colors are sure to make quite the fashion statement. They’re the perfect subtle piece of décor for your hair.

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