Read and find out what are your characteristics, according to the month in which you are born.


These women and conservative ambitious and take things very seriously. They are very closed ladies and don’t talk about their feelings. They are very calm and prefer having intellectuals by their side.


These women are romantic and caring and tend to change their mood drastically. If you hurt them they will never forgive you the injustice.


These women are charismatic and charming and they are dedicated to loyalty. They don’t fall in love easily and are very sweet until you hurt them. All In all, it is the best satisfaction to live with a woman born in March.


These women are communicative and are quite the diplomats. Their negative side is that they are jealous and tend to be impulsive. Once you have your April girl you will be the luckiest man ever.


These women are persistent and stand behind their beliefs. They have a difficult character but they are the person to love for life.


They are very creative and curious girls and they possess great communication skills. They are always honest and tell you the truth up front instead of talking behind your back. Furthermore, they are very careful and strategic players in love and man falls in front of their feet easily.


These are very honest girls yet mysterious and very intelligent. They do not like arguments and are loving toward other people. Do not ever cheat a woman born in July because you will lose her forever.

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This is a weird combination of a huge heart and a huge ego. These women always win. They have a great sense of humor but don’t like when the joke is on them. They attract men easily and are head turners everywhere they go.


They never lack calmness, discipline, and beauty but are not the ones to easily forgive and forget. Revenge is on your way if you try to harm them anyhow. They avoid one night stands and are girls that look for serious relationships and men should try hard to win these girls over.


These women are strong and independent but do not lack emotions. They don’t cry in front of other people and don’t open up to people if they are not sure if they can be trusted. Other women envy the ones born in October.


These ladies are always one step ahead of others. Never try to trick these women as they will burst out on you and will not end well. Never ask these women for an opinion because you will never hear the actual truth.


These women are lucky, fast, do not have enough patience and win every possible situation. They know how to get you in the mood and can get under your skin easily. They can be hurt but at the end having God on their side pays off and they come out unharmed.

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