So many times we do things that we don’t like to do but under society pressure, we compel ourselves to do that. This fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas is teaching something like this only. She probably has saved a fortune in razors and has many more extra hours than many of us. She didn’t shave her entire body for 1 year to promote natural beauty and the outcome is brilliant.

She says, “She has no plan to change the people’s mindset to not shaving their armpits and legs hair anymore. She did this to inspire people to embrace natural beauty and do what works for you.”

“I’m not trying to make all of humanity stop shaving their armpits and leg hair anymore,” she said.

“I just want to inspire others [to do] what works for you, what makes you feel the most comfortable”.

The main reason she stopped is because shaving takes so much time.

She was also inspired to let it grow out after being bullied at school for having hairy legs.

“I want everybody to not feel ashamed of themselves”.

“I think it’s unfair that people think they have to be in this culture norm”.

“Just do whatever makes you feel good”.

Watch her full video here.

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