Green eyes are the rarest color eyes. Only 2% of people have green eyes.


There are some women known to have a genetic mutation that allows them to see millions of more colors and shading than normal people.


Bono’s glasses aren’t just a fashion statement, he also wears them because he has glaucoma.


Some lizards, such as the horned frog, have been known to shoot blood out of their eyes to ward off potential predators.


Eyes, like skin, are vulnerable to sunburn, and a day at the beach without proper eye protection can leave you with stinging, red, dry eyes. Although the pain usually resolves within a few days, many years later that sun damage can cloud your vision, or even result in dangerous eyelid cancers.


Blue eyes are typically more sensitive to light.


Canadian doctors say they have found an inventive way to treat lazy eye – playing the Tetris video game. The McGill University team discovered the popular tile-matching puzzle could train both eyes to work together.


All people with blue eyes can trace their genes back to one individual who lived near the Black Sea nearly 10,000 years ago.


If the human eye were a camera, it would have 576 megapixels.


Night-vision goggles are green because the human eye can distinguish between more shades of green than any other color.


Ommetaphobia is also known as Ommatophobia and is the fear of eyes. Ommetaphobia develops when someone has a bad situation or traumatic event occur in their life involving eyes like seeing an eye pop out of the socket, getting hit in the eye, or going blind in an eye.

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Cats have a second eyelid, the nictitating membrane, which is a thin cover that closes from the side and appears when the cat’s eyelid opens. This membrane partially closes if the cat is sick, although in a sleepy state this membrane is often visible.


Dolphins have a clever trick that doesn’t involve jumping in the air for fish: They can overcome sleep deprivation and remain constantly vigilant for days at a time by resting one half of their brain while the other half remains conscious.


Giant squids can have an eye the size of a volleyball.


The space between your eyebrows is called the nasion.


Honey bees have five total eyes – two large compound eyes and three smaller ocelli eyes in the center of their head.


Aside from humans, Black Lemurs are the only primate known to have blue eyes.


Think that carrots help your vision? This was actually a lie propagated by the British during World War II because they didn’t want the Germans to find out that British pilots were using radar. Instead, they released a public announcement claiming that the reason for their pilot’s incredible accuracy was the high number of carrots that they consumed. It was silly, but people believed it.


Your eyebrows are completely replaced every 2 months.


Einstein’s eyes are kept in a safe in New York City.


An ostrich’s eyes are about the size of billiard balls. They take up so much room in the skull that the ostrich’s brain is actually smaller than either one of its eyeballs. This may be why the ostrich, despite its tremendous running speed, is not very good at eluding predators: It tends to run in circles.

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Eigengrau is the color you see when your eyes are closed (aka “brain gray,” or literally translated from German it would be “intrinsic/own gray”).


You spend around 10% of your waking hours with your eyes closed. But how can this be? Because of how much you blink, of course.


People that have blue eyes tend to have a higher tolerance to alcohol.


Your eyes can tell the difference from over 10 million different colors.

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