This video about women’s relation with men is getting viral on the internet. This is a five-minute long video, but in the short span of five minutes, the video expresses the entire painful journey of every woman. Right from the time when a girl is in the womb to falling in love with a guy who sexually or physically abuses her, the journey of girls shown in this video will give you chills.

As per World Health Organization (WHO), one in three women endures physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. To spread the awareness, one Norwegian company called Care Norway released a video titled “#DeadDaddy” in which a girl talks to her dad from the time when she is in the womb and told that by the time she would be 14, boys in her class would call her a w**re, a b**ch, a c**t and many other abusive things just because she would be a girl.

It would be fun for boys and she understands that, but still, some other people won’t get the joke.
And in the end when the girl grows up and had an abusive relationship, then she says something to her dad that breaks the heart of every listener.

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