When you deal in a place like Craigslist which is so popular and populated too with scammers, taking cautions become necessary. If you are an experienced Craigslist dealer or have made any transaction through Craigslist then most likely you have been through the same situation the guy below is.

A strange guy with awesome texting ability approaches you and asks they will PayPal you the money and an agent arrives to pick up the item at a later date, but due to some issues, the guy himself won’t be able to talk to you. It all gives a clear sign, the guy is a scammer. This is why this guy’s revenge is freaking awesome.

The complete title of the post copied verbatim is always a red flag that this is a bot.

“work frame”

This is starting to sound a little fishy…

“I can only text” should be a dealbreaker.

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