It’s a real scary thought to think that one day we’ll take our last breath, but the truth is that death is just a part of our life. We never know when it will all be over, or when our days our numbered, but I hope you can take comfort in the beauty and simplicity of the dying wishes of the remarkable individuals you’re about to see below:

A grandson sneaked in a bottle of his grandfather’s favorite beer to him a week before he passed away.

A husband and wife dance their last dance the day before she passed away. She had been battling cancer for 15 years.

A former zookeeper at Rotterdam Zoo says goodbye to the giraffes he used to look after.

A tattoo artist fulfilled a dying 12-year-old boy’s last wish by creating a beautiful “tattoo” for him using colored markers.

A cancer-stricken son holds his dying father’s hand for the very last time.

A dying Vietnam War veteran just wanted to be with his beloved horses.

This terminally ill boy wanted to go home to see his newborn sister.

James Wathen is reunited with his beloved pet dog, Bubba, for the last time.

This three-year-old girl just wanted to meet a real prince and princess.

With an unborn grandchild on the way, this terminally ill woman just wished to see the latest scans.

This woman asked for a private viewing of a Rembrandt exhibition.

This 101-year-old woman met her newborn great granddaughter just a few days before she died.

This farmer says goodbye to his animals.

This man just wanted to see his ponies.

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