Las Vegas based barista artist Mason Salisbury practices with food dye to create mesmerizing colourful latte art.

Just like regular latte foam, he first steams the milk before adding coloured food dye in. He then pours the foam into a mug to create intricate and colourful rainbow leaf patterns.

Check out some of his beautiful creations below, or visit his Instagram account for more.
rainbow_colored_latte_art_001-min rainbow_colored_latte_art_002-min

A video posted by Mason Salisbury (@ibrewcoffee) on

rainbow_colored_latte_art_003-min rainbow_colored_latte_art_004-min

A video posted by Mason Salisbury (@ibrewcoffee) on

rainbow_colored_latte_art_006-min rainbow_colored_latte_art_007-min rainbow_colored_latte_art_008-min rainbow_colored_latte_art_009-min rainbow_colored_latte_art_010-min

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