Now a day everybody has got a camera in his hand integrated to smartphones. But clicking an image is still a talent. And that talent shines more brilliantly when the photographer knows every tidbit of advanced photography editing software like Photoshop. Since its release on 19 February 1990, Photoshop has become the favorite editing software of professional photographers because of its easy user interface and powerful features. Here are some incredible before and after images that are edited by some talented photographers.


© Vita Klochko


© Αrtem Μelnichenko


© Peter Stewart


© Michael Oswald


© Artem Melnichenko


© Igor Grushko


© Albert Romanov


© Elena Bedakova


© Дмитрий Рогожкин


© Jay Lay


© Anastasiya Krukovskaya


© Pavel Bondarenko




© A.L.F

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