We all love to have dogs as pets at home. After all, they are so adorable and their love is unconditional. No matter how much you get angry at them. You will always find them at the door every day to greet you. They never get tired of playing and expressing their love. However, they can be a little mischievous when you leave them alone at home. These playful canines always find something to play with. If there is no human, then they will find something else from the home to tear and play with. And these below images will tell you the stories of these naughty pets. Though they are mischievous, but seeing their innocent faces you can’t stay angry.

This Dog Decided He Did Not Like the Wallpaper and Thought It Was Time For a Change! 

This Cat Thought the Bathroom Needed More of a Haunted House Look

This Dog Who Fought Off a TP Attack

This Kitty Thought Maybe the Baby Would Look Best in a Shade of Blue

His Face Says, “I’m Guilty, but I Have No Regrets”

You Are Now Looking At the Next Monet!

This Cat Just Wants to Be a Couch Potato with Her Owners

I’m Actually Very Impressed That This Bird Was Able To Do This

This Dog Who Decided He Didn’t Need a Fine Dining Restaurant for His Steak

After the Dogs Tore Apart the New Pillow, The Cats Decided They Wouldn’t Feel Guilty Playing in the Soft Feathers

The Face on This Cat is HILARIOUS

This Dog Worked Very Hard to Tear Apart That Door – He Deserves a Treat!

This Boxer Who Decided to Re-Decorate

He Just Wanted to Help His Owner By Taking Out the Trash

This Cat is Being Potty Trained

He Can’t Look His Owner In the Face After What He Did

This Cat Tried to Hide and She Almost Blends In – But Not Quite

This Dog Was Really Doing His Owner a Favor

This Cat Wanted to Help With Laundry

He Really Wanted to Go Outside – Can You Blame Him?

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