People often complaints about the bad things that are going on in our world, but it has come out that we get what we seek. If you will go out looking for bad things, you will feel the world is full of mischievous people; and if you will search for good things, you will come to know our world is full of so kind-hearted people who love to help each other without expecting anything in return. Thus, it is always better to focus on positive side of the world. The more we pay attention to good things, the more good things will take shape. A small act of kindness goes a long way. And the kind acts this post will certainly inspire you to do something good for the world.

A parking official gave a couple in need a break when their car was parked illegally. When these people begged for the police to take pity on them for losing their key, they had no idea that they cop wouldn’t just take pity, he’d write back!

While they were stuck in an elevator for hours, a kindhearted college student became a “human chair” when this elderly lady needed to sit down. Talk about putting someone else’s needs above your own! And he’s doing it with a smile.

A young Egyptian girl helps a street vendor’s child learn how to read and write every day. School doesn’t have to take place inside of four walls; we can learn wherever we go as long as we have people who are willing to teach us.

This good neighbor made sure this car didn’t get soaked in a sudden rainstorm. This is a perfect example of why you should always take the time to get to know your neighbors! You never know when they might save your behind!

This man spends his lunch every day reading to a coworker who cannot. When learning to read is something you learn as a youngster, it’s easy to take the skill for granted as an adult. This man is a powerful reminder that not everyone is so lucky.

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