It is always hard to know whether your partner is the right person for you. Before being able to consider this, you need to be in a relationship with someone. According to experts, people enter in a relationship because of two reasons.

The first reason is because they want to feel safety, security, love and also start a family with someone. The second reason is to be able to grow to be the best version of themselves by sharing love and companionship.

However, you can’t expect to find the right person if you are not the right partner for someone. This means before entering into a relationship you have to learn how to love and accept yourself just the way you are and to be aware that you don’t need anyone to define you as a person.

In order to be able to share love you need to be full of love for yourself first and you can’t expect someone else to provide what you lack.

If your goal is to get love, there is no person or a relationship that will satisfy this need for you. You need to work on yourself first and then you will be prepared to look for the right partner for you.

Unfortunately, no matter how prepared you are, there are certain types of people that will not complete you and help you grow spiritually and emotionally. This is why you need to pay attention to the following signs that could indicate that your partner may not be the right person for you.

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1.They are not willing to resolve conflicts

Being open to the idea of resolving conflicts is extremely important if you want your relationship to work. Both of you should be aware that you must always be open to working things out during conflicts. Conflicts and disagreements are a normal part of every relationship and being able to resolve them will help you become even closer to your partner. Even though we might get extremely angry when we are fighting with our partner you must never hurt them physically or mentally neither should you tolerate such behavior. A person who loves you will always compromise their emotions in order to resolve a disagreement. And if your partner is not able to do this, they might not be the right for you.

2.Lack of empathy

If your partner does not even try to understand your emotions, the reason might be that they lack empathy. Lack of empathy is a clear sign of narcissism and narcissistic people only care for their feelings. Don’t waste any more time with such person.

3.Lack of physical attraction

Sometimes we fall in love with the physical appearance of a certain person and sometimes we fall in love with their ability to make you laugh and feel good. However, if you stopped feeling excitement when you are spending time with your partner or if you feel that the spark is gone it can be a sign that you consider them more of a friend than a partner.

4.They tend to be always right

Relationship is about giving and taking which means both partners should have equal rights to express themselves. But if your partner wants to be the winner of every argument it means they are stripping you of your freedom of expression. If you tolerate this behavior you will create an imbalance in your relationship and it will not last too long.

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5.You have nothing in common

One way to add up the spark in a relationship is to do things together which you both enjoy. This can be anything such as reading, going out for walks or watching movies. If you don’t have a common interest your relationship will stagnate and you will soon become bored.

6.You don’t have common values

This is another very important part of a relationship because it is the root for making major life decisions that affect both of you. Such decisions include eating, fitness, cleanliness, spending, parenting and they all require you to agree on them. If you disagree about most of them, you are not on a good path to a bright future together.

7.You don’t tolerate their addictions

There are many cases where one person in a relationship claims that their partner has made them a better version of themselves which would not happen if their partner had given up on them. This shows a lot about the power of love and how it can affect a person. Even though you or your partner might have addictions that should be overcome, working against them together with your partner can be very helpful for overcoming the addiction and it will also help you strengthen your relationship.

But if you are trying hard and your partner is not doing anything to change, it could be a sign that you are wasting your time. The most loving thing you can do for yourself in such situation is to leave them.

Finding the right partner means you have found your true self. And if you love yourself with all you heart, then you will attract a person that will return all the love you provide for them.

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