The book called Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard explains the spiritual and psychological concepts and truths in simple and short terms. The following secrets were explained in this book. So, if you want to have a meaningful relationship, these are the advice you should follow.

1.Self- insight

Having understanding and deep self-insight in a relationship is very important. This way you can feel more grounded and calmer.

2.Avoid manipulation

Try to avoid being manipulated or manipulating people as much as you can. If you allow someone to manipulate you, you will only have future problems and a very unhealthy life.

3.Intentions are more important than actions

Words and actions can be arranged to make someone think better about yourself, however if they are in correlation with the intentions you will get to see the clear picture.

4.A sense of individuality

You should take care of your individuality at all times. You are a unique person and you have your positive and negative personality traits that define you as the person you are today. If someone tries to change you, you should not waste time in such relationship.

5.Feeling like you are one with other people

People are similar in nature, so you can’t hurt yourself without hurting other people too. And you can’t make other people happy if you don’t feel happiness.

6.Avoid having unnecessary desires

If you free yourself from unnecessary desires, you will stop deceiving yourself and others around you. Stop trying hard to prove yourself to others and clean your true motives.

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7.Avoid resisting certain things constantly

This will disturb your peace and will make you angry. It will also slow your progress in life.


If you are able to understand clearly what makes you happy and fulfilled, you will be able to achieve this happiness by yourself.

9.A complete experience of human relationships

Don’t let fear stop you from experiencing human relationships entirely. This way you will grow as a person and you will become much wiser.

10.Understand the meaning of love

Love does not mean feeling hurt when someone rejects you or does not share the same feelings. All human beings have feelings, but not all of us have the same concept of life. So, we need to understand the true meaning of love in order to avoid being trapped in a circle of constant rejection.

11.Learn how to deal with heartache

People get stronger after each heartbreak. If you are able to believe in yourself, you will manage to get through negative experiences faster and easier.

12.Avoid seeking social validation

If you are really true to yourself, you will not worry about being accepted or validated by others.

13.Cherish your pleasant and unpleasant sides

Everything happens for a reason and everything we experience has its meaning. Both pleasant and unpleasant memories and experiences shape you to become the person you are.

14.Know what hurts you

Never overlook the pain someone else is causing you to feel. Always know what hurts you.

15.Recognize the virtue in others

Sometimes we are not completely aware of the virtues of other people. Try to recognize them even if you don’t possess them.

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16.Desire does not equal to love

Desire and love are completely different. Desire is a shorter feeling that goes away fast, but love is long lasting and it does not fade away just like lust and desire do.

17.Encourage positivity

We attract what we are, and if we are positive we will attract positive people and experiences.


Never be afraid to live your life because you are worried about the opinion of others. Every person has their own life and instead of worrying how they feel about you, try to improve yourself and the things you want to change.

19.Be the real you

Never change yourself just to make someone like you. This also means you should not pretend to be someone you are not. Stay true to yourself.

20.Transform your life into goodness

If you focus on good things you will grow mentally and spiritually. Don’t do good things just because you expect something in return. Instead, do them from the heart and truly.

source: usefulgen.com

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