Overthinking can be a hard trait to live with and face from time to time. As a chronic over-thinker myself, I’ve come to realize that along with its effects on a personal level, overthinking also affects our relationship with others to a great extent. However, overthinking has a bright side too.

The list below has delved into the mind of a casual overthinker and analyzed how they interact with people around them:

1. Over-thinkers apologize too much

Of course, it’s nice to be polite. However, overthinkers tend to use their apologies as shields, even for something that’s not their fault. That might leave them exposed to trouble. It is often to create a positive impression on others (being humble and such). Nevertheless, what it might do is have an entirely different impact and brand you as someone who has too many faults.

2. Over-thinkers seem more insecure than they are

The time taken by an over-thinker to make up their mind might make them seem completely unsure of their own beliefs. Especially when in a professional environment, an over-thinker will eventually end up with the right decision, but it will make others question their confidence levels.

3. Over-thinkers are great problem solvers

A positive aspect of overthinking in a magical ability to think things through critically. An over-thinker analyzes everything to its minutest details and evaluates a problem/situation from every side. They take into consideration multiple possibilities. The final result? A plan/solution/outcome which has all its bases covered.

4. Over-thinkers have troubles falling asleep

Restful sleep is a distant dream sometimes (see what I did there?). It’s also often medically induced. Because the brain of an overthinker is analyzing the crap out of everything every single moment, over-thinkers are usually dreaming about the same issues that trouble them during the day. Chamomile tea (or something maybe stronger) is often their greatest ally!

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5. Over-thinkers are too focused on making others happy

Rather than focusing on their own happiness, over-thinkers care too much about how to satisfy others. They’re always worrying about how others will interpret their actions, thoughts, feelings, words, and choices. Over-thinkers tune themselves accordingly, and their happiness takes a backseat.

6. Over-thinkers are the funniest

When they don’t overthink, over-thinkers can be hilarious! How do they get there? Intoxication! If you’re around a relaxed over-thinker, you’ll have a great time listening to their jokes. The downside is that they might end up making poor decisions while they’re under the influence of intoxication because their brains are enjoying the break a little too much.

7. Over-thinkers always fear the worst

Over-thinkers are constantly viewing minor inconveniences in their bodies, such as a headache, as indications of something sinister. Even a minor stomach ache or a cough makes them feel like they only have a few days to live. Hence, their peers and family members often call them hypochondriacs. WebMD is their worst frenemy.

8. Over-thinkers are always looking for reassurance

Over-thinkers are riddled with self-doubt. Hence, they are always asking for a second opinion (or third, or fourth). Especially when it comes to their appearance, they’re never happy with what they’re wearing because they feel they’re looking too fat, short, or ugly. Over-thinkers are also scared of solo shopping and people spotting them in trial rooms.

9. Over-thinkers are perfectionists

Anything that’s worth doing is worth doing well for an over-thinker. Overthinkers imbibe the phrase. The ultimate result that we aim to achieve is time-consuming perfection!

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10. Over-thinkers are great conversationalists

Because the analysis is a part of their day to day lives, they go through a lot of information. That sticks and makes them pretty interesting people to know. Overthinkers are usually well read, enjoy good music and movies and up to date with current affairs.

11. Over-thinkers find it hard to trust anyone

Trusting someone but themselves is something unimaginable. Over-thinkers wish they could be at three places at once and doing tasks which are entrusted to others but important to them. If an over-thinker trusts you, it means that you’re truly special to them!

12. Over-thinkers suffer from travel paranoia

Over-thinkers are the most paranoid travelers out there. Worrying about their passports, boarding passes, and valuables all the time while they are traveling. It can be crippling to be standing before the Eiffel Tower and be thinking if your passport in a locker twenty miles away is safe.

13. Over-thinkers want to stop overthinking

Over-thinkers know they are over-thinkers. They want to overcome that. They want to enjoy the moment. The positive part is that they are aware. And efforts on an everyday basis to merely take a breath can have a long-term impact. Be grateful and focus on the positive is what can help you think less and enjoy more!

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