We live in a planet full of stereotypes about everything, from relationships to divorces. When talking about stereotypes concerning both males and females and their behavior in relationships, we do have a broad area to cover.

Males are considered feelingless players who only look for sex in the relationship. On the other hand, females are considered to be ‘overly attached’. Of course, both stereotypes are wrong.

Not everything out there is only black and white. Some people possess such rare pure nature, so when you finally find them, you realize that you have met the one who is there to stay forever.

So, that one goes out for all the guys out there. Every person is different, but if you have managed to find a girl who does these twelve things, then you’ve found your soulmate!

1. She respects your privacy

Everyone has their own life and their time which they spend it on doing the things which make them happy. Whether it is your favorite hobby or just hanging out with friends, it is your choice.

If your girlfriend understands these critical things and encourages you to spend more time doing the things you love, then you’ve got yourself the biggest blessing. A lot of people would get possessive or unnecessary upset with your need to spend an evening out with your best friends.

2. She trusts you

It’s hard to difficult someone you trust and who trusts you. However, once you reach that, it might only take a second to break it.

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Having a trustful relationship is magical. It’s rare to find a person with whom you are the most comfortable around because you just trust them. Someone whom you consider to be your soulmate.

That’s why, if you’ve found a girl who puts her trust 100% in you, you are a lucky guy. Love her, treat her right, and do not forget to trust her back.

3. She believes in you

If your girlfriend believes in you to do the impossible despite the obstacles and makes you look for the positive side in every story, then she’s a keeper.

4. She makes you feel safe

Most of us need a place that feels like home. A place where we belong. And most of the time, that special place can be found in another person.

In the heart of a girl who loves you unconditionally, in the eyes of the woman who kisses you goodnight, in the arms of your soulmate who waits for you to return home safely.

5. She helps you become stronger

If you are blessed to have a girlfriend who constantly empowers you and lifts your spirit everytime you feel afraid to make a step towards the unknown, then you’ve found your soulmate.

When your woman makes you confront your fear and stays by your side all the while, don’t let her go. A partner like her can be your most excellent source of empowerment.

6. She has an elastic heart

If you find someone, who won’t let her life’s difficulties become an obstacle to your relationship, someone who has an elastic heart, keep her forever.

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An elastic heart means that this woman is willing to sacrifice herself for you to make your relationship work everytime it takes a wrong turn. It’s indeed a trait that you need to respect and cherish.

7. She connects with your loved ones

Take your woman to a family dinner. Introduce her to your parents and siblings. By the end of the evening, if she set a good laugh around the table and your loved ones enjoyed her, then bear in mind that she’s your precious one. It’s a sign you should stick to her.

8. She supports your dreams

If your woman encourages you to follow your dreams, then you got yourself a sincere, pure-hearted girl.

Having a partner who will wake you up in the morning and urge you to accomplish your goals and even your silliest of dreams is a blessing every person strives to find.

9. You have a common sense of humor

If your woman is utterly annoyed by your jokes, then the relationship is doomed. Understanding each other’s humor is essential while building a bond with someone.

If, on the other hand, you are with a girl who makes the same jokes as you, there’s no doubt. She’s the one.

10. You have the same hobbies

Imagine finding a girl who appears like she was made only for you. She likes the same movies, the same music and the same places that you like. Having someone with whom you share the same interests is rare and precious.

11. She accepts your past

A partner who never incessantly questions you about your previous romantic experiences is someone who understands that those are now closed chapters. Such a partner won’t let the past affect your relationship as she is fully aware of everything you do for her.

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12. You communicate

Communication is possibly the number one important thing in a relationship. If you’ve found a girlfriend with whom you have a deep connection, who understands you with just one word or a blink of an eye, then you’ve managed the impossible. So, never let her go!

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